Monday, August 17, 2009

Watch Your Mouth!

I just listened to a phenomenal teaching series about words from Pastor Robert Morris. I selected this teaching from my shelf because lately I have found myself complaining and criticizing just a tad bit too much - you know what I mean? Ever get sick of yourself and find yourself telling yourself off? Well, that's what happened to me the other day. I got angry with someone and although I cooled down alot before talking to this individual, I was greatly dissatisfied with the spirit in which I checked this individual. As I listened to Pastor Morris teach out of the holy writ of scripture about the power of this little member called the tongue, he gave what he called several amazing truths about the tongue. One of them is the fact that the Bible says it is the only thing created that can bring forth two different kinds of fruit. Yes...the tongue can bless and it can curse. It can produce two totally different type of fruit in one individual life. Finally, Pastor Morris explained that the Bible says that the tongue is inherently evil and must be tamed. He explained that only our Lord can tame it, but we can discipline it by hitting a "pause" button before we go off on somebody or being too quick to have what we think is the right answer. Why don't you agree with me this week to watch your words as well!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Letting Go

If you try to run with a weight attached to your feet, it is going to drag you down and eventually trip you up. In my morning devotion one day, the Lord dealt with me about holding on to offenses. You know how it think you have moved on but then something tests you in the area of forgiveness and you realize you may have moved, but somebody forwarded the mail. I have learned in my own life that letting go is a process and it takes time. How much time is dependent on the depth of the offense and your willingness to drop the charge and stamp the debt owed to you voided. One thing is for sure, although I may be helpless to do anything about the individual or circumstance which created the offense, I can make sure that it is not strapped to my feet - I need my feet free for my life's journey. I've learned that when something keeps popping up in my mind and spirit, that it is strapped to me and ultimately weighing me down. I've learned that when something weighs me down it is infecting my heart and in the end, it is going to move as a poison through my thought process, my actions, and my character. The key is, don't let it stay strapped too long before you find out that it is still there wrapped around your body part - or it will become a part of who you are! So... take a moment right now...take a deep breath...and just let it is really not worth all of the drama, energy, and time that it has stolen from your purpose.

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